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Virigina (Grote) Becker

Virigina (Grote) Becker
6121 Creek View Trail
Minnetonka MN 55345
Single with one daughter, Amy, and 2-yr old granddaughter, Hailey. Live in the Excelsior/Lake Minnetonka area, and work in marketing communications for a Chaska-based company that …. “makes the equipment, that makes the chips, that run our computers”. Years of international travel; now enjoying staying closer to home. Do not own a lake place; found a way to get invited to friends’ and relatives’ cabins. Less work that way. Play a lot of serious poker 2-3 times a week. Still a brunette; still not a Size 10. Looking forward to the reunion!
June (Hawkinson) Lilie June (Hawkinson) Lilie
2348 Quail St.
Brook Park, MN. 55007
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 Henry Spinler Henry Spinler
102 S Hennepin St.
Winthrop, MN. 55396
I am single. My hobby is Gardening and traveling.
I have traveled to all continental states west of the Mississippi.
Also into Canada (Winnipeg) and Mexico (Nagados and Juarez).
Also have traveled east to Wisconsin, Illnois, Kentucky, Tenn., Georga,
Florida, Ohio, PA., West Virginai, New York and Michigan.
I also took the circle aroung Lake Superior.
On July 12, 1982 I had cataract surgery on my right eye. Then on Oct. 2000,
I had lazer sugery on the same eye. In Jan 2001 I had another lazer surgery on the same eye.
David Leibel Dave Leibel
7206 530th St.
Rush City, MN. 55069
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Barbara (Rand) Carlstrom Barbara (Rand) Carlstrom
12292 Woodlake Rd
Grantsburg, WI. 54840
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Bill Kirchberg Bill Kirchberg

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